You Can Own a Daggit!

Battlestar Galactica daggit up for auction

It’s true. You can own Muffit, the daggit from the original Battlestar Galactica. Propworx is having another awesome internet auction this weekend to auction off props from both the original and new Battlestar. They have costumes, patches, weapons and more. Be prepared to bring your wallet to your computer. Most items have starting bids of $100 and increments of $50. There is also a pretty steep buyer’s premium and you have to pay tax and shipping, so if you plan on bidding on Muffit, keep that in mind. The restored daggit’s starting bid is $7500 and is estimated to sell for $10k – $12k.

You can view the [online auction catalog here]

About Propworx:

Propworx, Inc. serves the movie and television industry by selling the assets of movie and TV productions in high-end auctions created specifically for that property. Propworx sells the production’s props, costumes and set pieces through special live and Internet auctions, while at the same time integrating these special events into a studio’s or network’s marketing campaigns. Propworx goal is not just to sell the assets of a production, but to leverage those sales into meaningful publicity and marketing to increase the overall awareness of a production.

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