X-Files 3? Sure, but Unlikely, Says Mulder and Scully.

Gotta admit, not the biggest fan of the last “X-Files” movie, but I liken that to me being a really big fan of the show and didn’t just like how they approached the film. I guess, in the end, I expected too much from it. In any case, what are the chances of an “X-Files 3″ movie? A few weeks or so back, there were rumors that a script was ready to go into production. Maybe, maybe not. According to Agents Mulder and Scully themselves, it’s unlikely that a third “X-Files” movie would happen, but if it did, they would jump at the chance to come back.

In an interview with NYMag, who caught up with the pair in an after party for a play Duchovny is currently starring in, the former supernatural/mutant/alien hunters spilled the beans on all the rumors around the third “X-Files” film. (By the way, Scully still looks HOT.)

Excerpts from the “X-Files” portion below. Read the rest over at NYMag.

How often do you see each other?

Duchovny: Not often. Twice a year?

Anderson: Yes, twice a year.

Duchovny: Depending on whether we’re doing an X-Files movie or not. If we’re doing an X-Files movie, we see a lot of each other.

Anderson: In France, apparently, there is going to be one in France.

With you guys?

Duchovny: No, no. Not at all. Apparently the script’s written.

Anderson: We’re not in it at all.

Duchovny: But we always would love to do another one. So we’ll see. We’re getting a little long in the tooth, but we’ll do it. Just me. Not her. Long in the tooth, I mean.

Would you do your same roles or become FBI mentors?

Duchovny: Well, I wouldn’t be doing her part.

Anderson: I’ll be on crutches. He’ll be in a wheelchair. But, yeah, it would be fun.

Duchovny: I would do it forever. I will always come back. By the end of the run, we were all good.

Still not entirely sure if they’re saying there is a script out there with an all-new cast of characters, or if they were just cracking wise about it. Either/or, an “X-Files” movie without Mulder or Scully as the focus would just be pointless. Or at the very least, NOT an “X-Files” movie.

One more for the paranormal road?

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