V Season 2 Returns Tonight, and What the Visitors REALLY Look Like

Anna is pissed! Erica is still calling out for her precious Ty! Jane Badler joins the cast as Mother Lizard! So does Marc Singer as a Freedom Fighter! Can Michael Ironside be far behind?

The second season of “V” premieres tonight on ABC, concluding last season’s “Red Sky” cliffhanger with the appropriately titled “Red Rain”, with Anna having unleashed a red cloud over the planet. What are her nefarious plans? How will she explain messing with the Earth’s atmosphere to the masses? Will she even bother? Has the invasion begun in full? No more Ms. Nice Alien Lizard?

All those questions, hopefully, will be answered (or thereabouts) tonight at 9/8 central.

Plus, USAToday has revealed what the Visitors actually look like under their pretty make-up and it, uh, ain’t pretty. The alien’s true form will be revealed over the course of the second season. Note to Ty: You may want to think twice about hopping in the sack with this:

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