V Season 2 Has a Traitor in the Fifth Column!

Well, this is certainly bad news for the resistance. EW has revealed some some juicy bit of news involving the upcoing second season of “V”, including the revelation that one of the Fifth Column resistance fighters is — gasp! — a traitor. Plus, Chad Decker continues to be a human douche bag, apparently. Read on!

[The season two] premiere gives reason to believe this season could be faster-paced than the freshman run. Here’s what goes down: We learn a bit about the meaning of the red sky (clue: an environmental scientist has a piece of the puzzle); we learn the consequences of accusing Anna of becoming more human (clue: don’t mess with a woman who has a tail with a pointy end); we see Decker make a bold move to support the V (clue: goodbye, journalistic integrity); and we learn of a possible traitor in the Fifth Column. No clue for that one, but prepare to be devastated by the answer.

Who could it be? My money’s on the guy whose wife just gave him a V baby that is now in Anna’s clutches…

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