Tron Light Disc T-Shirt – Blue

Tron Light Disc T-Shirt

“Everything you do or learn will be imprinted on this disc…” -Sark

Identity Disks (also known as a light disc) are weapons used in the Disk Arena for combat. Identity Disks are also used to record everything that a program of the Tron Universe sees, does or learns.

Sorry, this has been discontinued.

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  • Chess 10 years ago Reply

    Wish the disc was on the back and not the front.

    Interstait 10 years ago Reply

    We just didn’t think people would be able to see it if it was on the back….. But we can create one with it on the back…seems to be a few people like that idea.

  • john 10 years ago Reply

    I would buy one for the back. You should consider adding glowing ring. I noticed that some t-shirts have built in glow on some shirts.

  • Azal 10 years ago Reply

    Hate to say it… came here looking because I thought it was on the back, sad that it isn’t.

    Interstait 10 years ago Reply

    Well we have this sweatshirt with the identity disc printed on the back.

    Interstait 10 years ago Reply

    We now have the light disc printed on the back of dark shirts

  • De 10 years ago Reply

    Do you make any of the shirts that glow in the dark?

    Interstait 10 years ago Reply

    Sorry, at this point we don’t. Perhaps in the future.

    Laban 8 years ago

    This movie was amazing. The sound, the viasuls.. everything. I saw it in Imax 3D, and it was a massive hit with me. Tron, the original movie effected me as a kid, and led to my career choice and to major in CGI and 3D animation. I was had very high hopes it would live up to the original. And I was NOT disappointed. Very sad to see the guys react to it this way. I remember being amazed by light cycles as a kid, and it happened again with the updated versions (and other vehicles). Big thumbs up.

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