Tron – End of Line T-Shirt

Tron End of Line T-Shirt

In the original Tron, the MCP would end most of its conversations with Dillinger and Sark with the phrase “End of line”.

In the sequel, Tron: Legacy, the digital world has a music club called the “End of Line Club” as a tribute to the Master Control Program. The club is run by a program called Castor.

Short Sleeve as shown:

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Also available in other styles and colors as well as women’s.

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  • Abdullah 8 years ago Reply

    you have to give it to Disney for finally gvniig us a look at the footage this early in post-production since it doesn’t come out till December I wounder if we’ll be seeing the Green Hornet trailer soon since that film has been done for ages and has less special effects shots

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