Torchwood Adds Two More Babes to its CIA Cast

Apparently the BBC’s more American-minded upcoming “Torchwood” season (officially its fourth, though you can call it a “rebooted” season) will feature a LOT of people in the CIA. Besides Mekhi Phifer, who was recently added as lead CIA guy Rex, the show has now added two more to its roster of CIA agents: Alexa Havins (left) and former “Dollhouse” star Dichen Lachman.

According to TVLine, Havins will play “Esther Katusi, a CIA Watch Analyst who possesses an unshakable faith in human nature and a monster crush on colleague Rex.”

Lachman’s role also has her roaming the corridors of the CIA, but that’s all we know for now.

“Torchwood” returns stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack and Eva Myles as his fearless sidekick, and besides Phifer, has also added Bill Pullman as the show’s new villain along with the lovely Arlene Tur.

You’ll be able to catch the fourth season of “Torchwood” on the BBC overseas, and on the Starz Channel Stateside.

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