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Tag: Syfy

Caprica’s Farewell on Syfy

Jan.04, 2011, under Latest Science Fiction News


Tonight the Syfy channel ran the last 5 episodes of Caprica ending it’s short run. In my opinion the first half of the series was pretty good. When it came back for the second half I found it a bit complicated to follow. It might have something to do with having a 7 month old […]

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Concept Artwork for BSG: Blood and Chrome

Dec.21, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


And then there was “Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome”. With the SyFy Channel having canceled two of their more critically acclaim shows in the same year (“Caprica” and “Stargate: Universe”), they’ll need a replacement. “Sanctuary”, “Warehouse 13″, “Haven”, and their other barely sci-fi shows certainly aren’t gonna pull in the critics and audiences at the […]

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SyFy Channel Officially Cancels Stargate Universe

Dec.16, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


After the cancellation of the critically acclaimed but lowly rated “Caprica”, I think most people knew it was only a matter of time before SyFy axed “Stargate: Universe” as well. The two shows share a lot in common, from the low ratings to the critical acclaim to a fanbase that is sharply divided between love […]

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