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Tag: J.J. Abrams

New Star Trek Television Series?

Aug.25, 2011, under Latest Science Fiction News


New Star Trek TV Series

Apparently there is a new Star Trek television series in the works. It’s not a definite thing mind you, but there are talks going on. The hope is to pitch it to CBS to reach a much broader audience… [read more]

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First Look at Fox’s New Shows Terra Nova and Alcatraz

May.20, 2011, under Latest Science Fiction News


Fox recently showed trailers for their 2 new “sci-fi” shows Terra Nova and Alcatraz. These seem like promising shows, but come on, we all know that science fiction NEVER lasts on FOX. Fringe is doing well, so far, but I always feel like the ax could fall at any moment. That said, take a look […]

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Leonard Nimoy Returns to Fringe

Jan.27, 2011, under Latest Science Fiction News


It appears the report of Leonard Nimoy’s retirement after J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie was somewhat exaggerated. In a tweet recently, Nimoy let it slip that there are plans for him to return to Abram’s Fringe series on Fox. Nimoy plays William Bell, founder of Massive Dynamics, a multi-billion-dollar corporation responsible for development and production […]

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