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Tag: Doctor Who

Add Bill Pullman to Torchwood’s American Cast

Dec.15, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


“Torchwood” just keeps adding to the American cast: the latest addition is Bill Pullman, most famous to sci-fi audiences as the President in “Independence Day”. Pullman’s character on “Torchwood” is a tad different from his “ID4″ days, though he’ll probably be fighting aliens here, too, we presume. Pullman will be a regular on the show, […]

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Doctor Who A Christmas Carol Video Clips

Dec.15, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


It’s the most Christmas-y Christmas special of the year, with a time-traveling doctor at the center of it all. Or at least, that’s how Matt Smith describes the upcoming “Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol” special. Co-starring Michael Gambon, and featuring Rory and Amy’s visit to the honeymoon suite post-nuptials. Amy and Rory are trapped on […]

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Mekhi Phifer and Arlene Tur Join Torchwood Season 4

Dec.13, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


It will officially be Season 4 of the BBC sci-fi/action-adventure show “Torchwood”, but for most American audiences, it’ll probably be their introduction to the show, which began life as a “Doctor Who” spin-off. Now word has Mekhi Phifer, late of Fox’s “Lie to Me”, joining John Barrowman and Eve Myles on the show as the […]

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Doctor Who Christmas Special Promo Images

Dec.02, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


Doctor Who does Christmas. Again. Hey, as long as Karen Gillan and her short skirt and go-go boots are around for the festivities, I’m there. Promo images below. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan captivated audiences in their debut series and Doctor Who’s clever twist on the much loved A Christmas Carol will thrill BBC One […]

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Craig Ferguson Explains Doctor Who to Americans

Dec.01, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


For those who have never heard of him, Craig Ferguson has one of the funniest talk shows on TV. Unfortunately Craig comes on really, really, REALLY late at night. Thus, “The Late Late Show” on CBS. Cause, you know, it comes on really late and such. Think of him as David Letterman, back when David […]

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