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Tag: alien

V Season 2 Has a Traitor in the Fifth Column!

Dec.10, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


Well, this is certainly bad news for the resistance. EW has revealed some some juicy bit of news involving the upcoing second season of “V”, including the revelation that one of the Fifth Column resistance fighters is — gasp! — a traitor. Plus, Chad Decker continues to be a human douche bag, apparently. Read on! […]

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Marc Singer Will Fight the Alien Lizards Again in the New V!

Nov.29, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


Well, this is certainly exciting news, especially if you’re a fan of ABC’s new “V” show. Or even if you aren’t, but loved the original, then this may get you to start watching the new rebooted version. Or not. According to TVGuide, Marc Singer, news cameraman turned freedom fighter in the original “V” mini-series and […]

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Skyline Producers Respond to Criticism, Talks Skyline 2

Nov.22, 2010, under Latest Science Fiction News


So, uh, apparently not a whole lot of you people liked the Brothers Strause’s “Skyline”, if the comments in our review of the film are any indication. (Read them in all their hateful glory here.) I personally thought the film was okay, even entertaining to a point, but then again, I have very, very low […]

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