SyFy Channel Officially Cancels Stargate Universe

After the cancellation of the critically acclaimed but lowly rated “Caprica”, I think most people knew it was only a matter of time before SyFy axed “Stargate: Universe” as well. The two shows share a lot in common, from the low ratings to the critical acclaim to a fanbase that is sharply divided between love and hate with no spare feelings in-between.

I have to admit, I’ve been watching sci-fi TV for a long itme, and I’ve never seen the kind of reaction to the “Stargate: Universe”. There are only two kinds of opinions on the show — you either love it, or you absolutely hate it. I have yet to meet someone approach it from a middle ground.

I myself started out liking the show — or at least, I gave it every chance, right up to the 3-part season 1 cliffhanger (that was, in my opinion, about two episodes too long). And yet, I never even spent any time watching the second season. During season 1, I tried to reason that the show was still “Stargate” despite all the soap opera drama that seems to permeate the very core of the show, each subsequent episode just left me colder and colder until I became … indifferent.

And so, I haven’t seen a single episode of “Stargate: Universe” season two. And apparently not a lot of people have, either, because Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that the SyFy Channel has confirmed to them that the show has been canceled.

“Universe” will air out its final 10 episodes next Spring and then fade away into deep space. Will there be a chance for a new “Stargate” after this? And will it look more like the “Stargate” of old or more of the new, or somewhere in-between?

And while we’re at it, whatever happened to those “Stargate: Atlantis” movies we were promised?

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