Sneak Peek Clip at Stargate Universe’s Mid-Season Finale, 2.10 Resurgence

The last “Stargate: Universe” episode, aka the mid-season finale, is upon us. Check out a sneak peek clip from “Stargate: Universe” episode 2.10, “Resurgence”.

Rush, Colonel Young and the team debate chasing a distant energy signature into an area outside of the course mapped out by Destiny. Rush wants to investigate but it’s a day’s journey FTL to get there and Park, Eli, Dale and Brody question the wisdom of pursuing an energy signature so far off course from Destiny’s mission, not to mention the fact that the crew has had less than pleasant experiences with other alien life forms. What’s the source of this energy signature? Does the crew encounter more hostile aliens?

“Resurgence” airs Tuesday, November 30 at 9:00 PM .

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