SHIELD Homage to Star Wars

Is it just me, or are the folks at ABC and Marvel paying a slight homage to Star Wars Episode IV in episode 117: Turn, Turn, Turn? I’m talking about the scene where John Garrett leads Agent Coulson, May and Fitz into the HYDRA controlled room by pretending he has captured them.

Agents of SHIELD Turn, Turn, Turn fake prisoner

I seem to recall a certain Wookie being led into the detention block in handcuffs to rescue Princess Leia.

Star Wars Episode IV Detention Block Scene

The similarity doesn’t end there. The set is arranged in a similar fashion as well. You have the control desk facing two cylindrical areas just like in the detention block.

Agents of SHIELD Turn, Turn, Turn fake prisoner

Perhaps this homage has something to do with Disney owning the Star Wars franchise? Or maybe Joss and Jed Whedon just really like their science fiction.

SHIELD images copyright ABC. Star Wars image, also copyright ABC, AKA Lucasfilm, AKA Disney.

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