NASA: “Science Fiction Movies are Stupid and Unrealistic

Bad science fiction has been a staple of Hollywood almost since the first caveman invented the first crude motion picture camera while sailing to Indiana with Christopher Columbus in 1066. So why is NASA only now getting around to making their first ever list of the dumbest, most unrealistic sci-fi movies of all-time? Where was this list in the ’80s when Weird Science and My Science Project were disappointing an entire generation of dumb-ass American kids by making them think they could create a hot girl with their computer and also pass a science class by salvaging a time-travel device from a junkyard? Where was it in the ’70s when George Lucas was tricking us into believing in silly things like lightsabers, hyperspace and the idea that he believed in personal expression above making a shitload of money? Where was it in the ’60s when 2001 was boring the living piss out of everyone who was not stoned out of their mind on pot? Oh, so NOW NASA informs us that science fiction movies are fake and not scientifically valid, citing the vapid 2012, the moronic Volcano and the insipid Armageddon as examples of how wrong things can go when droolingly idiotic filmmakers are paid millions of dollars to shove retarded crap down the throats of mindless fools who couldn’t tell a neutrino from a boson if their useless lives depended on it. Thanks for nothing geeks. Now I have to spend the rest of my life thinking there really is a talking duck from outer space out there somewhere, possibly having sex with Marty McFly’s mother.

NASA Says Science Fiction Movies are Stupid

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