Logan’s Run Remake Starts Filming in Fall

Logan's Run Remake

Some might call it a classic sci-fi film, others cheesy, but the 1976 film Logan’s Run is ripe for a remake. What isn’t these days? Whether you are excited or not it seems like the Logan’s Run remake is finally going to happen. Reports indicate that Ryan Gosling has been chosen to play Logan 5, the part originally played by Michael York. Logan 5 is a Sandman, the “police” in a futuristic Utopian world where no one wants for anything. To control population everyone must die once they reach a certain age in a quasi-religious ceremony known as Carousel. There are some who try to evade this death sentence. They are known as Runners and are part of an underground group. They try to escape the city in order to make it to the community outside the domes known as Sanctuary. In the original story written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, the age of extinction was 21. In the 1976 film, the age was changed to 30, to be closer to Michael’s age at the time. This too will work for the new film as Ryan has recently turned 30.

Silver Pictures’ Joel Silver and Andrew Rona are producing along with Akiva Goldsman. Kerry Foster will be executive producer.

The film is slated to start shooting in the fall.

Michael York as Logan 5 in Logan's Run

Ryan Gosling slated to play Logan in Logan's Run remake

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