Laura Vandervoort Lizards-Up For “V” Season Two

By Jenna Busch via Newsarama

The aliens are back! V returns with its second season tonight and in honor of the premiere, we got to chat with Laura Vandervoort who plays Lisa, the daughter of the leader of the aliens. She’s in love with a human, which makes it hard to snack on them. Vandervoort gave us the scoop on what we’re going to see this season, her brand new fertility and having a veteran from the original series on the show. That’s right children of the eighties! Jane Badler who played Diana in the original will be playing Lisa’s grandmother…Diana. Vandervoort also told us that the finale is unbelievable and that we won’t see any of it coming. And yes, Smallville fans. I asked her which alien she prefers playing.

Laura Vandervoort in V

Newsarama: There are some big changes coming in Season 2. Can you give us a sneak peek at what we’re going to see?

Laura Vandervoort: Yeah, there are definitely a lot of changes going on between characters, and characters who haven’t interacted before, are now. With Lisa and Tyler (Logan Huffman), they’re definitely growing as a couple, but they’re also dealing with their differences because of their beliefs, and Lisa is dealing with a lot of weight on her shoulders about whether or not she’s going to overthrow her mother on the throne and save the human race or let down her own race. So she’s dealing with a lot. I’m working a lot more with Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, and that relationship is growing. With new actors being on the show this season, there is a lot more interaction and there are romances and there is death. [laughs] There is a little bit of everything in there.

Nrama: I actually wanted to ask you about the relationship with Erica (Mitchell) because Lisa has already done something to completely shift the balance in terms of who she’s loyal to. Where is that going?

Vandervoort: With Lisa and Erica? The fact that we are working together more, I think the audience will understand what that means. [laughs] I think she sees Erica more as a mother figure than Anna (Morena Baccarin) ever was to her, and because she is feeling emotions, just having Erica there to listen to her and be affectionate to her and give her a hug when she needs one…she never had that from her mother. So she’s pretty partial to the human race and to Erica in particular. And you know, they are working together in certain ways as well. [laughs]

Nrama: And this season, your grandma shows up! So tell me a bit about that and how it changes things.

Vandervoort: Yeah! Well, Jane Badler, who everyone knows from the original is playing grandma V, and that definitely throws a wrench in the relationship and the pecking order of Anna and Lisa. Lisa does meet her gramma, and I won’t say where that relationship goes, but she definitely can learn a lot from her grandmother. And it does cause some issues for Anna.

Nrama: How far ahead do you know where your character is going?

Vandervoort: Because we just finished the second season I know now, but I don’t know too much in advance…and for a third season, I don’t know the ultimate outcome for Lisa, for the series finale, but I do know a few episodes ahead of time where they want her to go. But this season, I am telling you, the audience will not believe what they see in the finale. I didn’t. I read it and I was so excited because I know the audience won’t see it coming.

Nrama: So, there are some physical changes…ahem…coming to your character. Is there anything you can say about that?

Vandervoort: Yeah. Well, I think it’s been known that Anna wants Lisa to be fertile and this season…she is. [laughs] She is going through some changes and her body is changing, and she’s not quite sure what’s going on and how to handle it and keep it under control. She has urges and she’s, you know, more of a V because she’s going through these changes. [laughs] I’m trying not to say…it’s something she has to deal with throughout the season and keep in check.

Nrama: I’d read that we’re going to see full lizard this season.

Vandervoort: You’re definitely going to see more lizard skin and more of the lizard…everything, and the mythology as well. So the sci-fi fans from the original who have been dying to see nods to the original are going to be happy this season.

Nrama: Did you watch the first show?

Vandervoort: I did, when I’d been cast I wasn’t sure what V was, so I went out and bought it so I had a general understanding of where we were going. But the shows are so different in terms of…there are the obvious similarities, but the characters are different…the special effects are amazing now compared to in the eighties, obviously. I love the original. I understand why it had such a following.

Nrama: I read something about Tyler’s blood being tested and I’m curious if that moment when you tell Anna that ‘he’s the one,’ has anything to do with it.

Vandervoort: Maybe…[laughs] Yeah, they do a few tests on Tyler to determine something, and there is an outcome. [laughs] And that’s that.

Nrama: Are there any teasers that you can throw out there for the first episode?

Vandervoort: Yeah, one of the biggest things that people were left hanging with was what the red sky was and what it was going to do to everybody because Anna did it out of revenge. And Lisa couldn’t stop her. So you’re going to find out what the red sky was and what it did, and you’re going to learn more about the characters and the relationships. There are some huge reveals, there are explosions…basically it’s a really amped up version of last year. But I’m really excited, particularly me, about this season. You’ve got to stick through all ten episodes and I guarantee you the finale will be well worth it.

Nrama: I have to say, I love the scenes you have with Morena. How do the two of you work together?

Vandervoort: She’s great. Morena and I get along very well. Off set we hang out together and we kind of joke around a lot. Especially on green screen. You kind of have to to keep sane, because it’s a giant green room for fifteen hours. And our scenes are so great because there is a level of creepiness to them, because we don’t have that typical mother/daughter relationship. There is always a chance of something happening you don’t expect in the most tender of a scene between the two of them. It’s a lot of fun and there is always an odd creepiness in anything we’re doing together. [laughs]

Nrama: I, of course, love Smallville and I have to ask you, which type of alien do you prefer playing?

Vandervoort: [laughs] Which type of alien, a Kryptonian or a V? They’re so different, I don’t know. I almost feel like Lisa isn’t even an alien, you know? She’s just so human. I guess Kara was too. I think that would be impossible to answer. I’ve enjoyed both of them because they’re so different. That was one of my worries when I started V, was playing two aliens. I thought this was all people would think this was all I was able to do. But when I realized how Lisa was going to come across and be played, I knew they wouldn’t be at all the same. I’m not going to pick. [laughs] There is no right way to answer that.

V returns tonight at 9/8c on ABC.

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