Fringe Survives its First Friday Night Death Slot Test

Ah, Fridays. It hasn’t exactly been kind to genre TV. Especially genre shows from FOX. Hell, the last show that did well in the time slot was the “X-Files”, and that was what, a gazillion years ago? Basically, getting moved to Fridays usually meant FOX didn’t give a flying flip about your show anymore, and is just looking for an excuse (i.e. low ratings) to bury you once and for all (re: cancellation).

So when FOX announced that “Fringe” would be moving to Fridays … well, you can sorta guess what kind of fan fervor that caused. But as it turns out, Fridays may not be the death slot it used to be, because the ratings are in, and surprise surprise, “Fringe” did pretty darn good in its first Friday night airing.

In fact, the show’s first Friday episode (titled, cheekily enough, “The Firefly” (aka the last great genre show that FOX canceled) and guest starring “Back of the Future’s” Christopher Lloyd) won the time slot in the highly coveted 18-to-49 demo, the group of viewers that advertisers zero in like vultures over a dead carcass in the Nevada desert. “Fringed” delivered a 1.9 rating in that demo group, and topped off with 4.83 million total viewers for the night.

While those numbers didn’t help “Fringe” win the night in total viewers (“Medium’s” finale pulled in 7.76 million total viewers, and two “CSI: New York” repeats brought in 7.2 million and 6.6 million total viewers, respectively), winning the demo is exactly what it needed to do.

Good times for “Fringe” from here on out? One can only hope. One night doesn’t make a season, of course, but if the fans keep coming, who knows what will happen?

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