Firefly Airing on the Science Channel

The Science Channel has decided to air Firefly, the brilliant science fiction show by Joss Whedon. It will start airing it on March 6th at 8pm. The Science Channel will do what FOX failed to do: air Firefly in the order it was intended to be aired. It will show the two hour pilot at 8 pm followed by the first episode at 10 pm. The rest of the episodes will air in order each Sunday.

The even better news is that they will be broadcasting it in HD.

This marks the first time the show has been on the air in it’s entirety since 2008 when it ran on USA.

Apparently after each episode there will be a short piece hosted by physicist Dr. Michio Kaku who will discuss the theoretical science in Firefly.

What does this mean for Firefly? Who knows, but it’s always good when a channel aquires the rights to a show that originally aired 9 years ago. Perhaps this renewed interest will catch the eye of some studio. We can only hope.

science channel to air firefly

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