Dalek Chess

If you are a Doctor Who fan, I’m sure you would love to play a version of chess based on the Daleks.

Cory Hollingsworth, a programmer and Doctor Who fan, started working on this project back in the early 2000’s. The game is based on the Battle Chess engine. Battle Chess was a computer game of the early ’90’s where the game pieces where animated and the actual action of taking an opponents game piece was animated on the board. You could watch queens do sorcery and knights behead bishops and rooks transform into monsters as they got ready for attacks.

Dalek Chess Board

It seems however, that Cory has taken a break from working on this project, which is a shame. I think with current game engines, this could be a really cool open source game for fans of Doctor Who.

Dalek Chess Piece

As for the question of legality, Cory has this to say:

“I’m asked from time to time if I am violating copyrights held by the BBC. Since I am generating all of the images, sound, and code from scratch and am not charging for the game in any way, I can not see how this would violate BBC copyright. It is not like they are racing to produce a Dalek Chess game of their own that mine would be competing with. As far as the BBC is concerned this should just be viewed as fan activity like those who write fan fiction on alt.drwho.creative or those who create Doctor Who related art and post it on the web.”

If you want to check out the project (and perhaps bug Cory to finish the game) you can find [Dalek Chess here]

Don’t expect a fancy website, Cory is more focused on his web pages working.

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