CW Wants to Replace Smallville with Raven TV Series

Hey, remember when the CW tried to make a “Smallville” version of Robin from Batman and Robin fame called “The Graysons”? Yeah, that didn’t go very well, and was dumped because the suits didn’t want it to tarnish what Christopher Nolan was doing over at his “Batman Begins” corner of the DC-verse.

So, with “Smallville” in its tenth and final season (Superman doesn’t age, but Tom Welling does), what will the CW do to hold onto their superhero/teen demo brought in by “Smallville”? How about a new TV series based on the half-human, half-demon character Raven of the Teen Titans fame? Variety reports that that’s exactly what the CW and DC are planning as a replacement show once “Smallville” flies off into the sunset in his shiny blue and red suit.

The CW is looking to adapt “Raven,” a half-demon also known as Rachel Roth, into a series. Diego Gutierrez, who most recently served as co-exec VP on “V,” is writing and will exec produce.

Project has a script order at the CW through Warner Bros. TV and DC Entertainment.

I like the idea. Raven is known enough to comic book geeks, and unknown enough to everyone else, that the network could probably take the character in any direction it wants. And of course, with the Teen Titans affiliation, they could always introduce a fellow Titan every now and then, the way “Smallville” did with Superman’s old colleagues, enemies, etc.

With “Smallville” chugging along towards the end, look for more news on a “Raven” TV series to heat up.

Hey, hey, the gang’s all together again.

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