Craig Ferguson Explains Doctor Who to Americans

For those who have never heard of him, Craig Ferguson has one of the funniest talk shows on TV. Unfortunately Craig comes on really, really, REALLY late at night. Thus, “The Late Late Show” on CBS. Cause, you know, it comes on really late and such. Think of him as David Letterman, back when David Letterman was still funny.

Anyways, Craig, being originally from Across the Pond, of course grew up on Doctor Who. With the good Doctor set to invade American shores in a variety of ways (including a relaunched, American-centric “Torchwood”), Ferguson did a quick rundown of who and what Doctor Who is, complete with singing, dancing, and talking furry animal puppetry. Plus, a guest star at the end!

Here’s Craig talking about the making of the opening:

Now here’s the actual opening that CBS didn’t allow him to show:

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