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Latest Science Fiction News

Bill Nighy to Star in Total Recall Remake

Jun.15, 2011, under Latest Science Fiction News


The Total Recall Remake is set to Star Bill Nighy as the rebel leader Quatto (previously Kuato in the 90’s version). He will actually be Quatto, not some prosthetic attached to his belly. Apparently the movie ditches the Martian storyline from the original film and instead involves nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai. Colin Farrell […]

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Amazing Tron Graffiti Mural Time-lapse

Jun.02, 2011, under Latest Science Fiction News


This is a very cool time-lapse video of a 3D Tron graffiti mural being painted. The details: End of the Line, in association with Distillery Productions and Toby Summerskill, have filmed the first 3D Graffiti Time-lapse. Created to document the production of a painted promo for Disney’s Tron: Legacy this is the final 2D edit. […]

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George Lucas Strikes Back

Jun.02, 2011, under Latest Science Fiction News


This explains so much about what has happened with the Star Wars franchise. Now that the truth is out, will we finally be able to get the original versions of Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi? Probably not since this is a parody, but we can always hope! Thanks to Slick […]

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