Blade Runner Glasses – My Collection

I have been a fan of Blade Runner since I first saw it with my dad in the theater in 1982. Everything about the movie thrilled me. The one image that stayed with me throughout my life was the scene of Harrison Ford as Deckard drinking his whiskey from those beautiful glasses.

Harrison Ford drinking whiskey from Cibi glasses in Blade Runner

Eventually I found out that they were the Cibi glass from [Arnolfo Di Cambio] designed by Cini Boeri in 1972. It turns out that one of my wife’s relatives worked in a shop that carried this exact glass years ago. She happened to have a couple. I told her how they were used in Blade Runner and how I coveted them. I asked if she knew where I could get one. The next time she came over to visit she brought me a surprise. Not just one glass, but three.

Blade Runner Glasses Cibi Arnolfo Di Cambio Cini Boeri Whiskey

In addition to the 3 double old fashion, she also brought me a high ball and another smaller glass that I can’t seem to identify as one of the 4 glasses that are part of the Cibi line. It does have the Arnolfo Di Cambio label on it as well as the “designed by Cini Boeri” label.

Blade Runner Glasses Cibi Arnolfo Di Cambio Cini Boeri Whiskey

Blade Runner Glasses Cibi Arnolfo Di Cambio Cini Boeri Whiskey

One way or another, I am thankful for such a wonderful gift.

Cini Boeri was born in Milan in 1924, Boeri graduated from Milan Polytechnic in 1951 and began a long period of cooperation with Marco Zanuso, founder of Italian furniture firm Arflex.

Cini Boeri Designer Cibi Glasses from Blade Runner

She set up her own studio in 1963, concentrating on civil architecture and industrial design.

She designed single houses, flats, offices, shops in Italy and abroad, paying attention to the study of the space function and to the physiological relationship between man and the environment. As for industrial design, she designed furnishing accessories and objects in crystal, including the Cibi used in Blade Runner.

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  • Chris 9 years ago Reply

    Arnolfo di Cambio’s Cibi line currently includes 10 products. You can see all of them and view capacities and dimensions on pages 14-15 of the current product catalog downloadable from .

    Interstait 9 years ago Reply

    Awesome…thanks for sharing Chris!

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