Blade Runner – Douglas Trumbull on the Opening Sequence

Blade Runner Opening Sequence Video

This is an amazing video about the creation of the opening sequence in Blade Runner. Doug Trumbull talks about various special effects and methods used to create what he calls the “Hades Landscape”. As Doug says in the video, this scene really sets the mood for the whole movie. How they created it is quite interesting.

Sidenote: I just purchased the Don Shay book “Blade Runner the Inside Story“. It has quite a bit of information about the making of the science fiction hit Blade Runner. Under $17, I highly recommend picking it up if you are a Blade Runner fan.

Blade Runner The Inside Story

From the Amazon listing:

In 1982, to coincide with Blade Runner’s original release, Cinefex, the respected magazine devoted to movie design and special effects devoted an entire, extended issue to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece. That issue has been out of print since then, but in constant demand — copies now sell on the collector’s market for over $100. Titan Books is proud to bring this classic back into print, in a remastered hardcover edition.

Described as ‘the single most comprehensive examination of Blade Runner’s special effects’, this must-have book contains scores of images not available elsewhere, as well as authoritative text, containing in-depth, exclusive interviews with director Ridley Scott and the legendary designer Syd Mead.


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